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‘To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done’

The first part of Inua Elliams' Nigerian re-working of Chekhov's Three Sisters is s barnstorming success.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 12, 2019.

The matriarchal maker of Marcosworld myths

'The Kingmaker' is a disturbing documentary about former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos – which argues that the former dictator‘s son is being groomed as the next president.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 8, 2019.

Life-giving, life-taking, life-changing water

Director Victor Kossakovsky wanted to make a film in which water speaks for itself. But 'Aquarela' doesn’t just speak for water – it shouts, roars, thunders, nearly knocks your head off.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 7, 2019.

Home truths

'Homing Birds' is the latest addition to the growing number of plays about migrants or their offspring returning on a visit to the land of their ancestors.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 2, 2019.

#WeAreArrested - and entertained

"The journalist who wrote this betrayed our country. I’ll make him pay a heavy price. I won’t let him get away with it."
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 25, 2019.

UN chief’s death: murder mystery or conspiracy theory?

'Cold Case Hammarskjold' is one of those documentaries on a serious topic that bends over backwards to entertain.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 24, 2019.

Time to dream

Climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion make 'Land Without Dreams' highly topical: the one-woman, 60-minute play is about hope in the face of looming environmental catastrophe.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 22, 2019.

We need to talk about Akshay

Families tend to be strong in societies where the state is non-existent or corrupt, and that can be appalling as 'When the Crows Visit' shows.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 30, 2019.

Wildlife in the viewfinder

The moment a Himalayan marmot is cornered by a Tibetan fox, “the power of the predator baring its teeth, the terror of her prey, the intensity of life and death written on their faces”.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 22, 2019.

Middle East waters still run deep

'A History of Water in the Middle East' is the most entertaining lecture on the subject you’ll ever attend.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 16, 2019.