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Everything Must Fall as students rise up

If, as an activist says in 'Everything Must Fall', “protest must be seen as part of learning experience”, South African university students derived enormous benefit from their #FeesMustFall campaign.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 21, 2019.

A question for the audience

'Do You Love This Planet?' is an ambitious attempt to dramatise a question that is currently being asked by Extinction Rebellion, the organisation that is using civil disobedience to force action on climate change.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 18, 2019.

When a brother breaks the law of the letter

'Blood Knot' is a historic play, not least because when first performed in South Africa it was said to be the first time a white and black actor had appeared together in a public performance in the country.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 16, 2019.

Heartbreaking and heartwarming: the fight for Thailand's slave trawlermen

“If you are weak, you’ll lose your mind after seeing all of this,” says a freed slave fisherman, who has seen fellow captive workers murdered, tortured, maimed, starved, whipped and beaten.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 11, 2019.

Heart, Apocalypse and Darkness in a voyage through the Hindu Kush

'The Ridiculous Darkness' is ridiculous, has one section in total darkness – to the excitable nervousness of a few audience members the night I was there – and great fun.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 8, 2019.

Ignore. Delete: the morale-sapping work of the Internet cleaners

Ignore. Ignore Delete. Ignore.Delete. The Filipino is making split-second decisions on whether to leave or kill Facebook postings.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 6, 2019.

A weight on her shoulders

'On Her Shoulders' is an unsensational look at a former ISIS sex slave as she embarks on a relentless round of visits and speeches to generate action on behalf of her Yazidi community.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 23, 2019.

Mourning and merriment in a slice of Jamaican-British life

'Nine Night' is hyphenated, double-barrelled fun because it’s about a Jamaican-British family. So that’s two cultures to treasure and mock.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 14, 2019.

The clock is ticking

Move over Scandi noir, hello refugee noir.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 7, 2019.

A story of love, intimacy, family and ageing – and constipation

When 93-year-old América falls out of bed, her life changes for the better.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 7, 2019.