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A British-Nigerian marriage - made in heaven or hell?

The first characters in 'The High Table' are Yoruba Ancestors on the North Star, On the edge of the Present.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 18, 2020.

Is deportation a double punishment, and if it is, do we care?

“Everything you are about to see is word for word from deportees, politicians or an ICE officer (who we couldn’t resist spicing up a little bit.”)
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 10, 2020.

Beyond preaching to the converted: The Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The most successful human rights films focus on one person, or a small group of people, John Biaggi, Director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, tells Daniel Nelson.
from Daniel Nelson on Mar 8, 2020.

'Out here, we are all poachers'

'When Lions Become Lambs' is a film about elephants - from the opposing viewpoints of poachers and rangers. Specifically, ivory poaching in Kenya.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 20, 2020.

Making ghosts accessible

'The Great Experiment' is one of those plays that justifies itself simply by being staged.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 13, 2020.

A moving play on words

‘Autoreverse’ is an 85-minute play starring a woman, six tape recorders and a projector.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 9, 2020.

Blood, screams - and rows over the cost of an ambulance

A Mexico City car smash. Mangled bodies. Blood. Screams. Traffic rushing past. No hope of a government ambulance – there are less than 45 for a population of nine million, and many aren’t on the road.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 8, 2020.

Continental divide

A protégé of Queen Victoria, Sarah Bonetta Davies – look her up on Blackhistory 365 or Wikipedia – is training a nervous African maid on the finer points of etiquette before they leave for Sierra Leone.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 1, 2020.

Screensaver: how Quezon outwitted the Nazis and the US bigots

I can't make up my mind about films based on real people and events, like 'Quezon's Game'.
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 30, 2020.

'I absolutely do not want to remember this'

Shot on three mobile phones, 'Midnight Traveler' is the self-filmed story of an Afghan family’s flight to Europe.
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 26, 2020.